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Why invest inHedge Fund?

Hedge funds can provide your portfolio with alternative sources of return and different risk exposures by accessing asset classes in unconventional ways, such as shorting, and greater use of derivatives and leverage. Some hedge fund strategies are designed to capture positive returns in all market environments.

Wide Product Range

You can evaluate your trades in stocks, energy, commodities cryptocurrencies and forex.

Transparent Pricing

A commission is only charged once on your investments. No fee is charged for your profits.

Trading Platforms

we work with more than 40 trading platforms for any trading option

Dedicated Support

Our live support team is at your service 24/7 taking care of you personally.


The right investment is the most profitable investment.

Crextrader emerged as a result of a journey that started while thinking about how to minimize loss in volatile and risky investment markets. Since 2015, we have started to operate first locally and then globally, and we have increased both our capital, our team and the number of you, our valuable investors, day by day. At this point we have reached today, we continue to offer more people the opportunity to make investments easily, with the excitement of the first day.

If you want to invest but don’t know where to start, you are in the right place. It is a platform created to provide transparent, experienced, easy and profitable service to all investors who are in various quests to make use of their money. Investor safety is our first principle. We do our best to invest with peace of mind and provide fast and accessible service.

We offer the best ways to provide maximum profit with minimum risk with hedge funds. Crextrader evaluates your investments within the scope of voluminous transactions together with all investments. This increases your profit share. We are sure that winning without losing and insured investments will give you great advantages.

Crextrader is trusted by 35K+ users in 85+ countries

Join us if you want to experiencYou can be one of our investors who earn tens of thousands by participating in the hedge fund. We are sure that you will say that winning has never been so easy.e how to earn without loss by using hedge funds.

Why Choose Us

An investment that takes you to great heights

You can easily invest with Crextrader, which earns you money without losing, and you can share in the profit shares of volume transactions strengthened by the hedge fund.

Trusted by Investor

The only fast and profitable platform that advances with a trust-oriented working system and protects your investments with a hedge fund.

Invest With Confidence

The only platform that records deposits and withdrawals and applies insurance to investments. Investment and withdrawal transactions are provided by our finance team 24/7.

Secure Platform

An investor-friendly platform with corporate transparency, accessible service and support from investment to withdrawal transactions and services provided.

Start earning before it's too late.

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